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On the threshold of life, you are my BFF: Happy best friend's day!

To say you have never had a best friend is to say that you have missed one of the best parts of life. To me, without having a best friend is like walking barefoot through snow covered fields or thorns.

Best friends forever quotations!

Best friends forever quotations!

At certain points of life, you may even have more than a single best friend, but true friends are like diamonds, who would take away your sorrow. Even if there is only one friend left in this vast sea of life, he or she may be able to erase your yesterday tears. The biggest ingredient of being friends is that a friend should be radical... always! Anytime you need a friend, best friends are forever present for you. Send lovely greeting cards like cute cuppy cake song, friendship and love quotations, dancing dog, funny kitty clips, best friend quotes and my best friend from HiGreetings.com to wish your heart out to your best friends. If you're one of these people, I'd say you are more than extremely lucky; you're unique and special. However, I guess that depends on your definition of 'best friend'. Most of us probably know a slew of people who we generally label as friends but are these really the die-hard type of person who you could absolutely count on? Let us take a closer look at what a 'best friend' might mean to you.

Do you think you'd have a host of best friends if you suddenly inherited a fortune, or won the lottery? You bet. In fact, you'd probably have so many best friends that you'd be hard pressed to find a big enough establishment to host a celebration party. Are these the type of 'best friends' you have who are glued to you wherever you go? Or, do you think you'd have a host of 'best friends', or maybe even two, if you were down to your last dollar and needed a helping hand to get you back on your feet?

There are very different depths found in friendship just the same as there is found in loving, if you understand this then like me I am sure that the ones you class as a best friend, means that they are still there willing to stand beside you, that a best friend will even be prepared to hold you up and carry you if and when needed. These then, are the very special best friend that most of us have, and I do not believe they come in large numbers, in fact maybe few enough so that you can only count them with your fingers and on one hand! Say this to your best friend that friends should be hand selected and should be there with you through all vicissitudes. Send lovely friendship bouquet along with ecards with several BFF quotes to someone who understands you. Wish prayer for a friend, as it is a special kind of love felt for forever friends.

If you got a best friend, then you would understand that friends remain friends forever.
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