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A truly celebrated occasion: Happy Janmashtmi to all!

August 15th, 2014 by HiGreetings.com
History of Shri Krishna Janmashtami...
Lord Krishna was son of Sri Vasudeva and Devki who was sister of Mathura King Kansa. On the day of Devki's marriage there was an akashvani that Kansa will be killed by eighth son of Devki so Kansa putted Vasudev and Devki in prison and started killing all their infant child waiting for her eighth child to come who was suppose to bring his death. On Krishna Janmashtami Lord Krishna born in the same prison was later known as Makhan Chor Nandkishor but that day somehow Vasudev managed to save Krishna and left him in Nandgaon where his friend Nand Baba and his wife Yashoda had a daughter whom Vasudev brought to the prison. In the memory of Lord Krishna's birth and all these incidents, the day is celebrated.

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