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United by the blissful feeling of Love

January 31st, 2014 by HiGreetings.com
As very correctly stated by Shakespeare, "Love is not love that alters when it alteration finds." True feelings or rather true love never dies and alters even under the most unfavourable circumstances. Infact the most trying situations are ought to bring you closer and not lead you far away from each other. The word 'Love' is a huge thing to illustrate through mere words or rather it doesn't have a proper definition. It's more of an action which one experiences as a feeling. Being is love would let you not being able to resist you away from your special someone. No one can feel love coming, it just happens with time, understanding, trust, honesty, etc. There may be a thousand reasons of falling in love but again, at the same time, for love to happen there may be no reason at all.

Love is Our True Destiny

August 29th, 2013 by HiGreetings.com
Love is a multitude of contours. It comes with varied colors as nothing is constant in love. Sometimes love is all about the sweet pink of dating and flirting, the blood red of forever love, the blue color of wedding and sometimes all color seeming fading away when you are missing him or her. In short, love evolves and the relationship depends on how you want to hold it and how the relationship started. You have a thousand reasons to fall in love or none at all. Above all love needs no reason, often time it is a simple choice to make someone so special in your life that you want to share your most precious gift with him or her – your life.

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