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The biggest day to celebrate love: Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine's Day is specially marked out as a day known for celebrating love in the memory of St. Valentine. Couples not only wait for this special day throughout the whole year, but also plan out special things to express their feelings towards their partners be it for him/ for her.

Happy Heart's day!

Happy Valentine's Day

In ancient Rome, the festival of Lupercalia was considered as the fertility celebration observed on February 13th through the 15th. February was thus considered the beginning of spring, as if the festival was supposed to ward off evil spirits and purify the city -- releasing health, love, hope and fertility. But again, the Christian and ancient Roman traditions were combined in 496 AD. And it was said that Pope Gelasius turned the festival of Lupercalia into a Christian Feast Day to be celebrated on February 14th and dedicated it to the priest, who was then recognized as a saint, St. Valentine. Thus, from here Valentine's Day was officially born.

If you see heart - shaped balloons, chocolates, greetings cards, gifts, playful flirting, beautiful flowers like red roses, love songs and quotes and poems, fun and humour everywhere along with many special gifts, it's time to wish your lover, 'Happy Valentine's Day'.

As Valentine's Day arrives and love is in the air, ask out your girl to be your valentine and propose by saying the three magic words, "I Love You" at the best opportunity that you can. Very rightly, according to Mark Twain, "love is the irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired," perfectly describes Valentine's Day than any other day of the year. Celebrating Valentine's Day together tends to provide reassurance both the persons that the original magic with which the relation started in early years still remains. It has survived the ravages of time and all the hardships and ups and downs which every relationship is bound to face. It's nothing but celebrating the years of together and spending the day in an even more romantic way than ever before. The aim remains to increase eth level of mystery and passion in each other, towards one's beloved with the passing days. Fulfilling the commitment and devotion, with which every relation starts, this day is a proof that never ending love exists.

Valentine's Day is often known as the second most commercial holiday after Christmas in many countries. Infact, so much is its importance considered that Valentine's Day is romantic holiday along with the chocolates and other gifts currently associated with it in few places, though it didn't really flourish in the United States until the mid 20th Century. And this special day ought to be celebrated well. Even if you are miles apart from your beloved ones, friends and family members then send them beautiful and romantic ecards from the collectibles available to win their heart and woo them back into your life depending upon your need. The other common objects of gifting have always been chocolates and flowers. Girls love chocolates in any form or size, thus it plays a role in a different context also, of causing people to react as though they are falling in love. They are happily accepted and welcomed and a highly anticipated gift item which can never be a failure.

Spending some quality time together may mean a lot to your partner. Even though they know how much you adore and love them, this day is specifically meant for displaying and acknowledging your love to them yet again. Make the beautiful day even more romantic with ecards, chocolates and your creative ideas of making him/ her feel special in your own creative way.
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