May you keep smiling always!

Whatever be the situation be in your life, friends are always there to make you laugh your way out of sorrow and loneliness. Smile through the fear of today and tomorrow forgetting all the woes that time might have caused you. Pass on lovely and fun-filled ecard from to either bring a smile on his/her face or make your friend burst into laughter with that.

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Wish you a great day ahead!!! - Smile ecards - Friendship Greeting Cards
'You smile brightens my day!' Send this perfectly animated greetings card on friendship quotes and poetry to your beloved friend to make them feel special. This card would certainly make your friend realize that with him/ her near you light fills out the darkness.
A smile for you! - Smile ecards - Friendship Greeting Cards
Send this newly stylized greetings card to bring assured smile on your friend's face, from Make your friend smile with this interactive card that you have send wishing them a great day ahead.
Want to see a big smile. - Smile ecards - Friendship Greeting Cards
'Flex you muscles and see how good it feels'. Keep smiling! Pass on this message of everlasting friendship with your dearest friend of all times through this perfectly made ecard from
Cheer you up! - Smile ecards - Friendship Greeting Cards
Studies have shown that smiling releases endorphins, natural pain killers and serotonin. Smiling is a natural drug to cure any kind of pain. Tell your beloved friend that her smile truly makes her feel you good every time with this strait forward greetings card.
Funny video for a friend. - Smile ecards - Friendship Greeting Cards
Your friend is sure to burst in laughter after watching this tremendous funny video ecard from This card presents a cute chipmunk gobbling on peanuts making a very funny sweet little face with this all. Sending you loads of smile, my friend!
The smiling dog. - Smile ecards - Friendship Greeting Cards
This is my dog Max who 'Occasionally' smiles that also on command. Here is an ecard formed with pictures of that smiling dog to make your saddened friend burst in to laughter. Pass on this lovely card to bring joy to your dear friend from Smile a little!
Something to cheer you up! - Smile ecards - Friendship Greeting Cards
If your friend is saddened by some reason and is determined not to smile, then send her this card to cheer her up. This specially made greetings card can be the sole reason behind her smile once again. Please smile for me!
You smile means a lot - Smile ecards - Friendship Greeting Cards
On a plane somewhere again I take my... Send this Smile - Kutless- greeting card to your loved ones. Make your special and loved friend that her smile says it all. Try to cheer her up with this perfectly made card with a solemn song with heartfelt lyrics from
Say cheese, my friend! - Smile ecards - Friendship Greeting Cards
Friendship multiplies joys and divides grief. Go placidly amidst the noise and haste and remember what peace there may be in silence. As far as possible, without surrender be on good terms with all people.
Just smile! - Smile ecards - Friendship Greeting Cards
A perfect card consisting photoshopped images of various animals together with a smiling face to bring joy to your beloved friend's soul and make him/ her burst into huge laughter from
Keep smiling!! - Smile ecards - Friendship Greeting Cards
A card is the best way to express even the things that you can't speak out. Thus, pass on this free smile ecard to your best buddy who had been feeling low for quite some time now. Baby keep smiling, we know the sun is shining!
Everlasting smile - Smile ecards - Friendship Greeting Cards
Bring an instant smile on the face of your special friend who might be terribly upset over some issue. This free friendship and smile ecard features an adorable toddler playing with a cute pup and filled with his incredibly sweet sound of laughter.

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